“Responsive” websites: optimized to be accessible both via PC and Mobile

The world around us is constantly changing, so the communication tools, now become more and more mass media, used by most people. Pausing a moment on this topic, we could imagine very well as a PC or a Smartphone can be used at the same time and in different parts of the world as children or adults, men or women, the elderly or children. The now practical and intuitive use of these devices facilitates the functions, in fact, each of us, to use them, can also be devoid of “talent” or specific expertise in the genre.

Going back a bit ‘back in time, the only tool that could connect to the Internet network was the computer, it is precisely the latter that the Web was born, and in the early days many people had none, while with the passage the years, the connection to the internet, has become so important as to be considered even essential, always more to a larger number of users.

Who has not to date a device that allows connection to the Internet network? And if before the main tool was the computer (first fixed and then portable), now, they have been exceeded in the use, by other devices, more manageable and portable anywhere, useful devices which have evolved going up with the modern times , we speak just of mobile devices. For example, their mobile phones, once used only to send, receive calls and messages, today are also used to connect to the web, to social, to play games, chat and use thousands of applications deemed practical and functional by consumers.

With the advent of this phenomenon, it is therefore not allowed to stay stuck in the past, in fact today in the Web user connections, occur mainly from mobile devices than from PCs, in fact, to quote the month of May 2016, from sources “Audiweb “(impartial body which measures the Italian audience data to the Internet) it has a population of 11.2 million people who use the network via computers (41.4%), against 18.2 million which benefits from Mobile ( 20.3%). Source http://www.audiweb.it/news/total-digital-audience-del-mese-di-maggio-2016/

Today, companies, corporations, professionals who have Professional Websites with which they create profits, must take into account everything said so far, because there is a need to provide the customer that you browse inside, the optimized pages for be optimally accessible via web, and mobile. Consequently, today, when you upgrade, or you simply work in realization of cheap websites, each professional, takes into account during the implementation of the graphics, especially portable devices, therefore, Smartphone, iPhone, rather than Tablet and iPad.

The ideal condition to be perfectly visible from both categories of devices, it would create a Website, adaptable to Computer and a second with the same number of pages and the same content, but for Mobile, however, to save time and resources, You may opt for a more comfortable solution that meets these needs, or create your pages with a “Responsive” type design.

In technical jargon we just talk about Responsive layout, while in a more common language, we can say simply that the Web pages of your own website, simultaneously and automatically will be adapted both to the devices that the PC furniture, of all sizes, then correctly displayed in all screens. Why a financial professional can state that the “reponsive” solution is the right compromise that saves energy, in creating a site that wants to be optimized for each device, without necessarily create two different, individually adaptable for Mobile and PC.

Then you need to bring attention while creating a responsive web site, or while it is also adaptable to the implementation of E-commerce on mobile devices, to any content that need to be properly paginated, easy to get to, and easy to see, rather than simple for visitors to click, with the right distances, ideal for a touchscreen, with the consequential result, the visitor to stay within your Corporate Web space, was not obliged to divert their interests in relation to other pages, the better ” organized “, perhaps, just the direct competition.

As soon as the above example needs to be studied in detail, in fact, it needs to pay attention to the Responsive Site layout to be optimized and used without “flaws”, because, for example for a service to the consumer, could receive the most visits and requests for information, right from mobile devices, in the same way an E-Commerce, could get most of the transactions, for purchases of its mobile products, therefore needs to focus and use their forces to meet the demands that will come in most cases, properly by Smartphone, Tablet, etc.

In conclusion … Avoid wasting time …

check now your site through mobile devices to see if it is responsive and it is easy to navigate!

Your Responsive Website is also “smart”

Your company Website is a bit ‘as the Smartphone. The main purpose of the phone should be to receive and make calls, just like it was at the beginning. But almost no one uses their phone only for calls. The smartphone is also used for entertainment, to perform searches on Google, online banking, note-taking, studying, for text messages, take pictures, chat, surf on Instagram, Facebook, drawing, etc. Similarly, your company’s website, when planned and executed properly, can be used for many aspects, for example to generate useful contacts of potential customers interested in purchasing your services or products, by mail and by phone, do branding, engage employees and / or sales support, or be more social.

23 January 2017 in Responsive Websites and Mobile

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Every business owner would like to have a clear return on investment through its Web site, as mentioned, by an increase in quality leads and then sales. A site properly designed to attract and convert visitors into target, results in sufficient money to corporate coffers, when it made a strategic communication plan with proven effectiveness. Another aspect that affects every company, is the increase of the “strength” of your company’s brand, through your web pages, for this reason, through the network can carry a valid branding operation that aims to increase the image in online market reference.

The Company’s brand as well as being a logo consists of the name, from the design and color scheme, is a sum of what people think of when making assessments about your business, a kind of mental mosaic if you want to make a metaphor. The perception of your brand, from the customers is different from subject to subject, and it is something which you have absolutely no control. Branding the other hand, it is the conscious activity that is performed to precisely try to “even out” as much as possible the mental mosaic of people and Your site has a crucial role in putting such action in practice.

Taking another example, if trying themselves to hire new employees, the first thing he would do after the first interview would be, of course, the consultation of the company’s Web site, at your company. If your site is not built with the latest technology suitable for mobile devices, is not updated with the latest news and proves scarcely engaging, the potential employee will deduct that do not invest enough in the Web, because obviously the Site activity is neglected, therefore you may think you are limiting the growth and development of your work.

Obviously these are not the characteristics that people look for in prospective employers. On the other hand, a “responsive” version of your corporate Web site, the pages up to date, fully optimized, and well laid out, paint a better picture for future employees who have great prospects.
Therefore for Your Web Site is fundamentally have a Responsive version, optimally adapted to all types of devices, both fixed and mobile, because when you have well-optimized networking pages for search engines, which capture the attention of visitors interested to buy your services or products, it needs to be navigable with ease from any screen, either a fixed PC, rather than portable and even by tablet or smartphone.

So considering that from your site you can meet the research needs of a number of potential new customers, make your site responsive, suitable for both Desktop and Mobile, you will see that the economic returns, once completed everything correctly, far outweigh the ‘ initial investment.

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