Seven Features to look for in a Web Hosting professional.

To maintain “healthy” the Web site of your company on the web, you’ll need a professional hosting service if you aim at great things. Assuming that the best Web Hosting services provide a lot more space on a server, than less effective, the same also offer website building tools, easy to use, deep monitoring tools and great customer support. So let’s see below some of the other characteristics to identify a good hosting service:

1. WebSite Builder

A good web host should provide the tools to help you create a great site, even when you are not properly of the gurus in HTML or you just chews. Before settling on a host, you should verify that it has just a “WebSite Builder”, that is, an integrated manufacturer, easy to use. In our day, most of the services include a constructor that can help you create a basic Web page, rather than a complex site that has many. Modern Website builder also offer templates so you can create a professional and clear website, suitable for your business, without the need to hire a professional designer (although it is always the best solution) and feature functionality drag-and-drop so you can easily optimize all the pages, with the aim to better highlight the corporate brand.

2. Control Panel

To carry forward the most of every business, definitely it is useful to have a web interface that saves time, for this to have an integrated control panel, easy to use, especially in the identification of the most important administrative options, preferably put in one place. A good control panel allows you to manage every aspect of your Web site and easily identify its characteristics, such as optimization tools for search engines and registers. Features that should be grouped into related categories so you can find what you need when you have the need. Keep in mind, however, that even the most popular graphics control panels, may seem excessive and difficult to navigate for beginners, why turn to professionals of the sector is highly recommended.

3. Site Statistics

Hosting a professional it must be equipped with on-demand statistical tools, so that you can monitor the current status of your website and its performance. Most hosting services can also provide real-time statistics. The best services but also provide a release of the data, so for other information, including the amount of disk space you used, the number of subdomains you have, how you set up SQL databases, and more. Before choosing a host, make sure that it provides the necessary information at a glance.

4. Shopping cart

If you sell products or services online, a professional hosting must be provided with the e-commerce tools, in fact, some platforms only offer a single integrated application such as shopping cart, while others allow you to use third-party programs to the shop such CubeCart, ZenCart and PayPal. It is usually better to have more options so you can choose what is best suited for products and / or services to sell. Most of the best Hosting for Web, allow you to set a shopping online spending to your business, some instead have only as an additional option. Others set a limit to the number of items that can be included in the inventory, in fact, if you have the need to expand it, you have to charge for additional options.

5. Unlimited mailboxes

Owning a web domain means that you can create professional email addresses that include the name of your company. However, some web hosting limit the number of email addresses you can create. The best services instead allow you to create unlimited mailboxes. The feature is especially important if every one of your employees has an individual email address, or if you want to create different points for different types of customer requests. Some platforms also offer e-mail tools incorporated such as anti-spam and an auto-response that can respond to e-mail filters when you’re away.

6. Install app with a click

Having a professional hosting also means having the ability to install applications with a single click, in fact this is a feature makes it easy and convenient to install a blog, a CMS portal or other useful applications on your site, with minimal effort. This could come in handy, especially if your coding skills are lacking. Some web hosting also include a dynamically updated library of scripts to help you find the best applications on the web without leaving your site’s control panel.

7. Support 24 hours on 24 and 7 days out of 7

When technical difficulties arise, you need to back up. Large web hosting providers offer technical support to the whole time, so you can put your business on track quickly if something goes wrong. The best platforms also offer educational tools, if there is a need to consult them, such as video tutorials, and user forums where you can seek help for specific problems once the site is up and running.

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