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On network, the professional Websites of companies, the ones that stand out from the competition, they are for some specific features, such as, the download speed of the pages, rather than “fresh” content, constantly updated, in parallel, in the real world , the Companies further treated, are those who wish to always make a good figure in front of customers and suppliers who visit their facility, because the entire staff is properly aware that will have a direct contact with these people … ” face to face “, as they say …

But as for the Company’s Website, you sometimes forget that even through the network reach customers, we often underestimate this aspect because in the digital world, everything is “virtual,” it lacks the physicality, then missing someone in person there look in the eye, while we have consciousness only as “entities”, as a number imprinted in the statistics of our monitoring analysis tool.

Therefore a professional Web site, can give a good image to potential customers, on the peculiarities of our business, through a digital space renovated, present and especially intention to take the “distances” from those who still undeterred, remain stationary with their pages Company obsolete, in this medium that rapidly galloping towards the functional innovation to an increasing search of completeness in the service. The very word “professionalism” shows us something that has to do with a profession and in this case, comes in the Webmaster and Designer for the Internet that with passion and competence, must be able to really bring out the best of Companies, also during the realization of cheap websites, to the extent possible, ie, propose in digital format, as it is very well produced and marketed in reality. To put into practice all this, it is essential to create Personalized sites, according to the needs of communication and marketing of the individual company, enhancing them in full, all the intrinsic qualities that determine a value.

So professionalism in creating technologically advanced web pages, such as responsive Websites begins when you know very well the purpose for which you are working, the goal to be pursued, almost haunting, because it wants to achieve in the best way, giving the best of ourselves, nell’applicarci to achieve that objective. Then we must give ourselves a professional Web site, let us help in Ecommerce realization developing intuitive interfaces, clear images and read, legible text and slides, download speed without interruption, internal pages very fast, original layout and above all, constantly updated and followed by professionals of the sector.
Obviously a professional Hosting will have qualities that highlight the characteristics specified above, in fact, you can consider this a real starting point for the creation of a level site, which in part depends, precisely these foundations.

From the beginning of our activities, we have managed the implementation of Web Sites in Bergamo , for example, and we know that the Professional Hosting offers are varied, so also for the other parts of Italy, and usually include recording domain, however, one of the first things to keep in your account, for the service that is offered for the Web space, the database and all you need to build your pages dellle Company, ie, in the download speed you can maintain that even in times of peak traffic, as well as lend itself well to the platform on which you will be laying all the work done.

Web Hosting and maintenance: two terms that go to “arm” with Professional Websites

Many customers think that when it comes to Web Hosting refer to maintenance, however in reality, they are two very different things and in the same way both important. Think Web Hosting as your physical home, the place where you live and keep all of your things of vital importance (for a website, they are files, the images and the code that makes it work). Now think instead maintained as the doors, locks and security system to protect your home. Because open source software is constantly evolving, the proactive ongoing maintenance is required…

23 January 2017 in Professional Hosting and Websites

Seven Features to look for in a Web Hosting professional.

To maintain “healthy” the Web site of your company on the web, you’ll need a professional hosting service if you aim at great things. Assuming that the best Web Hosting services provide a lot more space on a server, than less effective, the same also offer website building tools, easy to use, deep monitoring tools and great customer support. So let’s see below some of the other characteristics to identify a good hosting service: 1….

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… to ensure that the safety system remains as effective as the day it was installed.

The expenses to be incurred for the maintenance of a site certainly are, then one might ask: what would be the cost of maintenance for my Corporate Site, even for a short period of time? Or, if you should find inside the site the presence of malicious code for visitors, your customers, rather than potential buyers, what would happen? You would know that your “home” and all that there is on the inside, they’re safe? If so, then it would be to opt for a professional Web Hosting solution, including maintenance.

Experience teaches us that when you decide to purchase a company’s Web space, the professional solution is always the best, because it includes maintenance, also in relation to the price, in fact, compared to a higher initial cost, it would save certainly , in case you have problems with your Web space. Choose a professional hosting for those who work on WordPress, for example, it means also acquire a maintenance service, which could also provide for testing and deployment of the WP core itself and its plug-in on an ongoing basis. automatic daily backups instead ensure quick restoration in case of need, while with the automatic distribution of security patches and monitoring 24 hours on 24, you can be sure to stay safe and protected.

During the activities, in some cases, we found that customers are led to think that hackers do not care about them, their website and the Company because it does not represent a prestigious and important brand, such as those known in the national and international level . Instead we must keep in mind that any Web site can be hacked, hackers have in fact running automated scanning tools that seek any Web page that is not controlled, so easy to break.

According to Forbes, US magazine that deals with economics and finance, and laboratories Sophos, Specialists in IT Security, about 30,000 sites a day discover that they have unwittingly distributed within the pages, malicious code for cybercriminals, and among these sites there is any kind, from Corporate to personal blogs, to large portals news, to realize just know that every day are born approximately 50,000 WordPress sites and only 50% is constantly being updated, so the amount of hackable sites is really innumerable, so it’s always best to stay with the “eyes wide open.”

How do you prevent hacking?
As the saying goes, the best offense is a good defense, therefore, adopt a professional hosting for a Company site, including maintenance, is the best long-term solution with clear advantages, both in terms of time and money, in fact, it will have automated back-up services and more, useful to guarantee absolute security.

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