Nine ways to increase the efficiency of your E-Commerce

By 23 January 2017E-Commerce Websites

The simple insertion of their products online is not enough to make an e-commerce store that produces profit, it needs a lot of attention during its construction, because for example to potential customers who come to visit, a simple deburring to quickly go to a competitor’s site. Then we see at once some easy ways to engage customers and, ultimately, drive them towards a purchase, on the contrary, minimize user frustration.

1. Online shoppers are impatient, gets right to the point!

According to a study by Dr. Jakob Nielsen, a leading expert in the field of usability research, web users, on average, actually do not read all the online content. His studies show that people, on average, only 28% read the text on a Web page, then you can use this information to their advantage.

2. Break it down! Start product descriptions with a summary.

Your product descriptions should start with a brief summary easy to read, followed by an optional detailed description. When a web user is looking for a product they may be looking for particular attributes. If you spot immediately what they are and insert them in this description, the sale could be immediate. When key information is hidden in long descriptions, many users may think that these features are not there, and they will be less likely to explore further. Make your description easy to read using elements such as bulleted, bold words, short paragraphs and subtitles. Organize your key selling points and make important information readily available. This will make your online store easier to navigate and will limit any user dissatisfaction.

3.La rule should be: keep it as clean and simple as possible.

New users should be able to navigate intuitively. Make your shop easy to read, easy to navigate, and avoid lengthy descriptions and promotions and complex. Simplify everything helps to maintain the interest and encourages repeat visits and loyalty.

4. Have the important definitions information “pop”

Use unique descriptive words to attract the senses and the imagination of shoppers.

5. Differentiation Strategy

In a crowded market of e-commerce, it is essential to differentiate your products and experience, in fact, people feel more attracted to a product if it is described with adjectives to their neighbors. The marketing is exploiting this for years. For example, the next time you walk down the aisle of a supermarket, take a look at the cereal and all the adjectives used in the packages, they will be in “Crunchy” similar. It seems obvious that the cereal is crisp, but after writing it on the box, the human psyche makes it look much more attractive. The wrappers that promote the descriptive adjectives guarantee absolutely more successful, with respect to a wrapping material of an identical corn that avoids to propose them.

The best part about this, is to have potential customers aware of this tactic, precisely because of this, it will continue to operate! Humans, on average, hardly manage to avoid the attraction that perceive, against these enthusiastic adjectives. So next time you’re thinking of names and product descriptions, be sure to throw in a couple of adjectives “differentiators”.

6. Use high-quality images

The presentation of the product is essential to earn the trust and loyalty of customers. The image quality of an e-commerce store has a direct impact on sales. A shop e-commerce site that uses high-quality photos will reflect the professionalism that instills confidence in the customer, on the contrary, an online sales site with low quality images projected an image of itself unreliable. Pay attention to the image resolution and coherence. To prove the truth of this theory in the Web, considering that a person, when he goes to the supermarket to decide which product to take maybe touch him and see if it is quality. In an online store, you need to compensate for the lack of tactile experience, and this is why it is important to use high-resolution images, instead of being deficient. High-resolution images offset the inability to hold your product and observe the finer details. The consistency of the images makes up the inability to physically compare similar products.

7. The visual layout is vital

Professor Nielson has also been shown through studies that people have a tendency to perform eye scanning of

Web pages with a form of model F. They begin with the top navigation and text, and then move down and scan again to exact mode, shown by his own studies and its research interesting explicit aspects such as the fact users tend to look to the left to get the important information.

8. Take advantage of this information!

As we have said almost all people look to the left to important information, so the case will use this item for the benefit of your site, by entering key information in the most page views (this could include promotions or unique facts about your areas E -commerce).

9. Conduct your own research

Keep in mind that every E Commerce caters to a unique clientele and the best practices that work well for a shop may instead thwart another. The only way to make sure your site can be more successful, is to conduct its own research into customers. It ‘s easier than you think to collect data on user behavior on your website and the example that follows will provide an easy way to conduct your own research, or to analyze the statistics of Google.

Google Analytics is easy to install, is free, and is one of the most useful for an e-commerce site resources, so that helps to provide the answer to many questions that you ask every day, such as: Your promotions work? How long customers stay in your on-line store? Google Analytics also keeps track of user behavior in your store: which pages are visited most, what links were clicked on, when users leave the shop, and much more. By tracking user behavior, you’ll have a clear view of what works and what we need to be improved.

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