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By 23 January 2017Customized Websites

As you can customize with colors Your Business Web Site to improve its performance? Over the past decades, psychology and neuroscience have repeatedly shown that colors affect human emotions, attitudes and the actions! Web Designers and other experts in communication on the Web, even use the colors to accommodate the tastes and behavior of network users, such as bringing attention to particular sections of a Web site or by directing a visitor to take the action that had plan to run. Using the right colors, you can therefore significantly improve the communication of your website. Here are some examples on how to take advantage in the use of color psychology:

Understanding the psychology of color

Research studies examining the influence of color on our decision-making process, clearly demonstrate that the images have a determining factor when making a purchase decision. A recent study has pointed out that it takes about 90 seconds for a client to form an opinion about a product and 62-90% of this decision is based solely on the color.

Color and target destination

Before deciding what colors to use for the background, text and buttons, it is good practice to make sure you have a firm grasp on the target demographic of visitors to its website. One of the most important factors that influence the choice of color is indeed the age. If the audience is young, the use of saturated and vivid colors will be a good idea, careful hand, if your Web site that you want to build bespoke, were to attract adult consumers and mature, those colors may lower the rate of permanence inside of your business pages, so the visitors will have the feeling of being inside a space that suits you, do not be distracted, less concentrated to focus on his research objective, or even annoyed, to the point quickly go to other destinations, perhaps even your direct competition.


Another significant metric target is to study the genre and on the subject, some of the color studies have shown that while women love the blue, green and purple, men like blue, green and black, purple being the one of their least favorite colors. This essentially means that if you’re planning to launch a Web site directed to both genders or only to men, the purple will be a wrong choice, for example.

The colors for specific messages

The blue is considered to be the color of confidence and of great works of services that require a good deal of interaction from the user. Think of social media platforms like Facebook or online payment solutions such as PayPal. The e-commerce web sites should consider blue as their dominant color as it reduces the risk of postponement of purchase, and has a high aesthetic appreciation which actually converts with a stronger intent to purchase. Red instead, it will work great in environments that require some risky moves or aggressive. In 2013, researchers at the University of Virginia conducted a study that showed that when the product scarcity is significant (for example, an auction), consumers are more willing to pay in front of a red background, rather that blue. Some of the colors and their meanings are quite simple, while others such as green, can be reconciled, for example for companies eco-conscious, black hand is the color of sophistication and elegance, ideal for fashion and luxury goods, and for mature consumers.

Call to action buttons

Knowing the primary or secondary colors is important for creating buttons that should capture the visual of the viewer visitor’s attention, for this, can be outside of any of the site color scheme. Consider this: many Web sites have increased the percentage of permanence within their pages, when they changed their call to action button, for example, from green to red. For this, the orange and yellow useful, because they are those “ugly” colors that go against our aesthetic sense, however, they capture the attention more than any other item based on the colors that fit the palette of a Web site.
In conclusion we can say that the potential of the color depends on the product, by the public and by branding strategies, that is why we test different color solutions is critical to achieve better results.

As reported until now, is a set of “technical measures” that ensure a high percentage of more permanence, at the personal website of your business.

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