Customized Websites: personalized for every need!

The web is really a huge source of information that is updated every day, and implemented the Website is undoubtedly, the most abundant element, and especially as used by companies and not only to represent themselves online. How many times have we typed “www” in the address bar, followed by the full domain, to reach the most diverse web pages, how many sites we have displayed in our browser in our whole life? Obviously many and definitely one of the things that will easily notice, is the style and custom contents that characterize the differences from each other.

In fact, as you can well understand, during the making of Sites Responsive to financial companies for example, you will have to take into account the peculiarities of the activity and adapt (to quote a basic element) to a range of colors rather serious tones that range dallla blue, to black rather than white.

Instead the realization of E-commerce Websites for the clothing sector, you will also use more vivid color, again depending also of the characteristics of the products marketed which obviously will attract more attention.

Precisely for this reason, one of the main features that should be outstanding in every Web site, thus customizing, therefore, when evaluating together with an expert in the field, setting it up, you can then decide which is the appearance and the best layout to make the most of their online space and the products and / or services presented inside.

How mean customize and create a personalized Website?

The answer is: a lot!

The reasons are clear and linked mostly to marketing, corporate communications, in fact an attractive design, will attract more visitors who will go the extra minutes on your pages. A customized Website, will also have the traditional elements that characterize it, but the rest, can vary very much, compared to the competition, according to the intrinsic peculiarities of the company and its products and services offered to the public. Images, patterns, vectors, icons, and videos will make up what will be the future site tailor-made, properly speaking, to the customer’s specific needs.

All activity, obviously needs to be assisted by professionals, Webmasters and Web designers who will develop a site according to customer requirements, and illustrate the customizations for your particular needs, advising the best in every aspect treated.

Today, the Web needs of customized sites backed by Professional Hosting, also feature original content, exactly as Google want, therefore, will need to create pages that have their own communication strategy, in fact, doing online marketing, as well as differentiate themselves from “static” competition in this way, it manages to be privileged in the search results (also in conjunction with other fundamental aspects) aiming to have a return in terms of cost and popularity, more, compared to a cloning site from the competition.

A personalized Web site that expresses an image of your company effectively, is the “virtual” showcase your company, where you expose your product with a production seeks to capture the attention of the visitor who enters it.

Finally, it can be said that an cheap Website has customization of limits, with respect to the Web pages exactly adapted to the needs of business communication, which require as a good tailoring dress, to be made to measure, precisely for Marketing needs of each individual company that is distinguished from another by its added value also in the network, it needs to be stressed, then we begin to characterize and adapt content with colors, icons, layout, slides, texts and images to be unique and original in their genre to create added value than those of the competition.

The importance of customization tailored to your Website

There are millions of Web sites in the network, many of these are competing with each other to attract the attention of users, for this customization and the design of your pages makes communication you do on-line, of substantial importance, when you set a goal to emerge from the competition. You can allocate large sums of money to promote your site, however, you need to give the right with respect also to the design, to be able to make a difference. In fact, before we look at SEO and other promotional campaigns, we need to turn our attention to the personalization of your Web site, creating a design and an original layout.

23 January 2017 in Customized Websites

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All Web Designer a certain level should already be aware of the importance of a good design of a Corporate Website.


Sometimes simplicity is the best that can be proposed in the network, without being limited in creating Web sites tailored, unique in their kind and evolved technically. Just as just pointed out, it can sometimes be appropriate merely in proposing many resources within a single page, while to make the same quicker to load. In fact, most pages are “slim” and simple, the longer the download time of the same that will also benefit a good ranking in the search results in Google, compared anyway for coordinated action at 360 ° SEO (Optimization search engines) high quality. We must also be careful in case your site, if used too heavily, besides being against Google’s rules for a good ranking in the search engines you intend to equip themselves with pop-up windows since they can cause discomfort to users who see, in added to this, most of the people who surf the web, have your pop-up blocking themselves, installed in their browsers, so it would be useful to reflect long before dotarsene.


Every single page of your site tailored to your business needs to be precious, each one needs to be personalized and has the right places bonds in evidence. The title and also subtitle, before the text, will need to be composed basically of “journalistic” style to simply be clear to every user who comes to visit.


During the creation of your website made, devotes attention to pictures, dedicagli time, because the latter, will give real added value to every page you will compose, of course, always without exaggeration, because they make heavy use, can determine the slowdown in downloading web pages. the same applies for the technology to Flash, because a design of this type, it can also give a professional look to some people, careful, because they might very slow noted in the pages of the downloading, rather than be viewed sometimes after in your browser you have downloaded additional software, designed to view the site in its entirety. Therefore if you intend to have a custom website in Flash, make a use reduced to a minimum, especially considering that more and more in many, both working in the sector that users do not appreciate more the Sites made with this technology, in addition to being difficult to be found in Googlebot, the software that scans the Web sites act to report what are the pages to place at the top of search results in search engines. In conclusion, think carefully if utilizzar this type of technology and in the case contact an true expert, specializing in this area.


You must be very careful to create text links between the different pages of your site, that are effective, practical, useful and personalized, this will make your web pages in their entirety, more usable, and useful to network visitors.

Placement in search engines

In the end always consider the possibility of creating your own customized Web site, according to the guidelines that Google intends for SEO (optimization for search engines), do it during the initial planning stages, this will save you time and You will earn you a good placement at the top of search results with keywords specific to capture the attention of your prospects.
Make sure to only one aspect which is what most important, or very few members of the trade who really manage to create Web sites tailored optimized for search engines, which then earn the top places of the results in Google with the keys research affecting your users to reach the pages that present your products and services;
then choose good professionals who will have to follow this aspect that creates the real value added in the network!

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