Create your Corporate identity on the Web: in the real world do the same thing!

By 23 January 2017Websites evolving

Now today we know how important having a Corporate profile at leading Social Network, as such as Facebook or Instagram, however, requires more and refresh your memory, remembering that these are spaces dedicated to your business, are not owned and within there is also your competition , but instead belongs to you the Web site of your company , where you can present the products and services which markets and in the same way to update them. It ‘also true that there are now a number of people who become important to spend much time on social, so someone might be interested in what sells your Company, however, we use these channels to convey visits property website . The company can be simply regarded as diaries, as message boards, that once you become “old” are no longer of interest, however the Company Web site, is the real “Branch” albeit “virtual”, your company and either way, need to be constantly updated with new content, even if in different ways, need to be updated to attract the attention of potential visitors and consolidate their online identities, rather than renew it if the market so requires. Beware because their identity manifested in the network, should then reappear in the same way in the “real world”, or at your Company, as is obvious to understand that by updating the online activities , you do not update the even those offline.

To take a very simple example, if we consider a large company like Starbucks, do you think his success is due to the fact that having a Web site or Facebook page? His fame depends almost entirely on what you can offer to its customers that come back every day to enjoy a good coffee at a fair price and to enjoy its very urban-chic rooms. What makes you think this example? That the success of a brand and a company is due to what you can offer to your customers, which can be drawn for the first time from the Corporate Site as well positioned in Google with keywords searched by potential buyers , after their return will depend on the experience that it will live alongside your work, your products and / or services marketed.

Sometimes it may happen that the owners of small or medium companies focus all their energy on the life online their business , completely ignoring everything that happens offline, this attitude certainly is counterproductive, because the potential customer, has expectations that are intended to claim, when it perceives positively a date corporate identity that must pay in the real world . The success of your business, certainly depends on your company, the quality of marketing such as, therefore, the stay current, present themselves professionally and offer convenience, are some of the aspects on which you should focus, while for issues related to Web , to make sure that your both production site , you can rely to industry experts.
In fact, what has been said until now, it has been found in some cases where there was really a certain difference between what was told all ‘interior of the Web Sites and on Facebook, compared to what is actually being done at corporate offices, making us be perplexed in front of so much gap. We must therefore be very careful and active in maintaining uniform that thin line that separates the online world to the offline, avoiding to be deceived by the idea of achieving quick profits, if there is a lack of care in relation to what is dearest or your company. For the Web instead trust in professionals, let him do their jobs, you always concerned about providing quality products and novelty of the moment, will be the Agency’s expert task communication on the Internet show your qualities to the public in a clear and effective way.

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