Websites creation for small and medium Enterprises


On the podium in the Italian context, in 2016

OMARFORLINI.COM for the automotive sector


“We develop creative strategies and tactics that help PMI to grow their notoriety through the Web and succeed over competitors.”

“We give you the opportunity to your company to have a modern Website, essential and efficient, corresponding individual requirements, while preserving the need for communication, which will be a source of increased awareness on the Internet…” 

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Websites for Mobile

Realization of  Site Responsive,optimized to be accessible both through Smartphone Tablet, rather than Pc.

Placement in search engines

We optimize websites to earn placement on the first page in the search results in Google, with a large number of keywords to increase your visibility and useful contacts.

Strategy and planning

Strategic repositioning of the new Internet site, change of perspective for an efficient approach.

 “Every action done on the Web has an outcome directly proportional to the effort and the techniques used, properly for this, the reputation of a Web site depends on a mix of strategic elements, which determine the good fortune of corporate communications.”

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Custom graphics

For customization needs, we develop Web sites tailored to the company that needs to stand out from the net with a valid design, through a project created ad hoc.

Realization of cheap websites

In case there is the need to have the simple representation of Web pages, we studied solutions for cheap websites within the reach of every business reality.

Sites and Professional Hosting

We create professional websites, inserting them at high quality Hosting, acts to increase performance and reliable noted in every aspect.

Analysis of visits and results

A website that aims to be effective in the web, requires continuous monitoring, using analysis tools that detect user actions, conducive to achieving the objectives.

The Milan office

Fundamental is the position of the Milan offices, near Linate airport, a few minutes drive from the city center, adjacent to the mouth of the East Ring Road, a few kilometers from the new highway Brebemi.

From this center they are born most of the ideas for the creation
Innovative Websites that we develop for specific business needs of small and medium-sized enterprises.

The site was created as established from the beginning, even perfected in small details, to meet our needs, it is well positioned detected in the search engines, gaining acceptance to the Internet Sales Award 2015, 5th place in Italy, improving in the edition 2016, gaining the 3rd place, again at the national level.


The restyling of the website was necessary to have a good visibility in the search results in Google, even from mobile devices. The proposed new graphic loved immediately, being very modern and timely.


The company demanded a new site, simple and summarizing the key features of our activities. We were pleased to realize made and the excellent quality / price ratio.


Valid on site makeover that immediately gave a good image to the restaurant, the staff has shown creativity and originality in interpreting our needs and in no time we were able to reach different positions on the front page of Google.


Development E-Commerce Sites

Realization E-Commerce Sites performance, by persuasive content and effective, progressive increase in the number of profile views and Brand awareness.

Web Copywriter

Another aspect on which we work to bring out a site on the Web, compared to the competition, is to create high quality written content that is interesting for the public.

Social Network

Each campaign needs to be focused on the consistent public involvement, to maximize the efforts employed when communicating in social.

Guarantee on results

The result of a careful preliminary analysis, we are able to guarantee the agreed terms, the results budgeted and agreed between the parties.

Increasing popularity

Among the most effective strategies in the web, we are concerned to gradually increase the popularity, which would turn the more noticeable the company, through its website.

Experience and Passion

All this is the result of the experience in the field and in the creation of Web sites for passion, the source of inspiration during our activities … try us!

Impact Web site: find new useful contacts!

There are thousands of small and medium companies that more and more often reflect on ‘ utility of  Internet , about whether to support the Corporate business, a less practical work, such as that done by your Site web , which could be a source that produces new useful contacts to market products and services. Build one that really works, it is very difficult, but according to many experts is the best way to increase their business and make their brand even more prestigious and recognizable. To do this, the experience of the experts , suggest that needs engage in this activity when you are fully aware of what you are going to meet and especially if you manage to avoid becoming limits that otherwise, “remerebbero against” what is valid must be realized to achieve the objectives set out originally. How to create an impact Web Site are multiple and each agency prepared, surely it will be aware and on the assumption that competition on the Internet is really great…

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is easy to understand and hardly arguable that there is a need to present themselves in satisfactorily, it will be really counterproductive rather do the opposite and stay for example with content, made superficially, in fact the watchword in these cases is: quality!

Create an effective web site it is to give life to an image of our company, visible from every area of the city of Milan ‘s entire province and beyond, accessible from all over Italy, without excluding the whole of Europe and the rest of the globe, then the “saving” factor, understood in all senses, rather than the lack of commitment, are elements that must absolutely be excluded if you want to reach areas objectives. The quality pleases everyone and above will look that will make your company unique within the online merchandise category reference and always will push more people to talk about your site and of work that you perform.

One of the key elements to consider when developing a Web site that can be effective, it is the content, it seems obvious and banal, yet they are properly treated subjects that will be decisive in the choice of a potential customer, when he wants to remain at ‘interior of your pages, how much time to devote, what to read, where to navigate, instead of going out and headed for a website of the competition, if he instead found a real lack of topics of interest in fulfilling its research needs. The contents may include text, images, video, input specifically to entice the player to remain on the Site, for this must never be, for example, monotonous, rather than hard to reach. As for the texts, some marketing studies suggest that they should be fairly simple, clear, placing the titles and subtitles visible, so they stand fast for the visitor, so he can get an idea to 360 ° with respect to the subject matter.

In addition to content, importance will be given to the colors, rather than the arrangement of each element, for this, the Web Designer, can you understand that superficiality, rather than lack of experience and expertise in the field, can easily arise in trivial errors, and it will instead emphasize how important this activity, bringing the attention to detail that may seem insignificant. It is the attention to be placed compared to the psychological aspect while choosing a simple color, should be taken into strong consideration, depending on the potential customers who visit your site, it can be mentioned that the red is best suited to a young audiences, the brown will be better for mature people, the yellow may be out of tune with the rest of the site, then it would be better to be used for example to draw attention to an element of the page to highlight, while the black always gives a bit ‘of elegance. Another example that might seem unnecessary, however is of substantial importance, it is to place each element of a web page, with its due space, precisely because with a website, usually communicates to an audience and just as happens during a conversation, a listener wants their own space, also looking at the present on-line communication, a user needs to see the right space between the elements, also with the massive use of mobile devices, the screens are smaller than those of a Pc and Touch screen, for this they need to be spaced properly from other elements, just to allow the user’s fingers to be able to click anywhere.

Among the most commonly used in Web forms of communication, there is a clear intention, through the pages of a site, to clearly and correctly to visitors, what are the actions that can be performed inside, usually through special interactive buttons, clear calls that sometimes can seem beyond any logical pattern instead explicitly indicate the way to go to achieve the target that required research performed originally. With these signs placed within each page, the user is encouraged that the visit, such as it shows the way to go to view a given product or service, rather than a complement, or it indicates the exact access send a request for information, call, fill out a form or make a purchase, and so on.

These above are just some of the elements of communication used in the making of an impact Web Site for Small and Medium Businesses, are aspects always evaluate, because constantly changing, and then over time can mutate and take different forms depending on the type of business you must present within the Internet pages of a company, for that every insider who intends to better understand what are the trends and requirements deli consumers of the online market, constantly carries out training courses for evolve its professionalism.

In the end you can say that certainly will be able to follow you by specialists in the field to improve the salient aspects of online communication of your Web site and increase the profile visits that will grow useful contacts, which will increase the business activities of your company

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23 January 2017 in Impact Websites

The potential of the web

Facebook, internet, apps, smartphone, are words that for some years now we use constantly in our daily lives, words that until some time ago were unknown to us and we never expected so their rapid spread to Italian and surely the world level. All that is present on the Web and in social can be found all over the planet, just think a posting on the network becomes reachable from Palermo, rather than from Florence…

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6 Things to Know for those who are struggling with the realization of a Web Site of Impact

Very few visitors to Web sites that take into account what actually happens behind the scenes, from development to update the site. This is good, as long as your site meets the Internet…


…the marketing objectives that imposes itself. However, you’re not a visitor, you are the owner of your site who will speak on its implementation, particularly by managing the content, so you must understand that these six aspects of Web design and the creation of its pages.

1. Your website looks different on other people’s computers.

When you are viewing a Web site from your work computer, for example using Google Chrome, no doubt appear in a different mode, with respect to what can be seen via Safari on an iPhone. It all depends on analyzing and rendering, or the way the browser translates the code and displays it on the screen. Some browsers will read the code in a precise order, and sometimes will not recognize it at all. The differences between browsers need to be “calibrated” ad hoc on your website, so that we can provide an excellent browsing experience for all users.
This then is the difficult task of experienced professionals in the creation of Web sites, the ones who are familiar with HTML and CSS standards, so browsers know the problems and how to get around any obstacles. It is the work of the developer that guarantees to the Website proper operation of all devices and browsers. In fact, first of all, it will require test browser capabilities, to identify potential problems, so as to establish the necessary corrections before a Web site to be launched on the net, always remembering that today the optimization of your digital pages for devices furniture is more important than a few years ago.

2. There is a big difference between the Responsive design and mobile devices.

What is this automatic conversion that occurs when a person passes from your smartphone to your computer? There are two very different approaches to changing the screen size – one is the mobile mode and the other responsive design. Design Mobile could be a restrictive word. In fact when it is based only on design for mobile devices you are likely to make your site sterile and devoid of all its contents, causing him to lose the style and beauty.
On the other hand, responsive design is extremely flexible, allowing Web Sites to be made with the sizing ability and modification of their provision, according to the screen size used with the device, giving also a consistent experience. From the big screen, with high resolution monitors to the smallest smartphone touch screens, it is important to have an experience that is suitable for each of those individual devices. The Responsive sites simply have to adapt to their environment, while maintaining the same stunning images, fonts and navigation properties.

3. Your web site should be updated at least every two years.

The browser and the devices used to access the Internet are constantly evolving and changing. The way in which the Web sites require evolution are designed and developed in time. In fact, in order to remain current and relevant, the digital world professionals need to stay on top of the latest coding standards, the browser update capabilities and algorithms of the search engines. An outdated site runs the risk of not being displayed correctly in the browser, having unexpected formatting problems or not showing up effectively in the search engine results. A website that is not updated for two years may be outdated if it has not kept pace with these changes. For that your website requires continuous updates and maintenance as new devices and browsers can change its display.

4. Images can have a positive or negative impact on your site.

Multimedia content, such as images and videos can be an important part to be taken into strong consideration during the implementation of a Web site. Beware though … because if they can also significantly damage the performance were used improperly. For example, the large image and video files can dramatically slow down the loading time of your pages. If a visitor has to wait too long to load a page, there’s a strong possibility that you spazientisca and click somewhere else. To be sure that any multimedia content involving visitors, web professionals who need to use images and videos that are optimized for this purpose, the most important thing in this case is the weight of the files to be reduced to a minimum without loss quality.

5. During the creation of your website the duly optimized source code is one of the factors that influence the ranking in search engines.

You can have the most stunning site graphically speaking around the world, but it does not matter if no one is watching. The way the site is coded will help the audience to find your website more easily. When people search for keywords in Google or another search engine, they expect to find exactly what they are looking for. The way a site is coded also affects the way in which will be presented in the search engines – from the title that will have the pages to small meta descriptions that help you be intercepted. The search engines are a great source of new traffic to your Web site, and there are many additional steps that can be taken to optimize it fully. It all starts with the encoding which is the basis for increased visibility of your online pages.

6. Study the behavior of visitors to steer them in the right way.

The Internet has forever changed the way we read and view content. Visitors need to navigate between pages of your Web site by identifying key information, quickly, otherwise it quickly abandon. As a result, create usable sites, that guide users clearly to reach the most vital information, is crucial. Maps and analytical tools help developers determine what buttons and links are most popular so they can continually improve the user experience with future updates to the site.


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